About me

I have been working as an author-illustrator and art tutor for 13 years.

Since I was a child, my passion has been to visualise my surroundings and to tell stories.

At first, I drew together with my two children every day: animals and people, castles and mountains, fairies and dragons – whatever they wanted to draw while telling them imaginative stories about good and evil, always with an important lesson. We experienced the magic of art and craft from colouring pencils throughout pastels and charcoal to acrylic paints, and the power of art in self-development and self-confidence.

The idea of introducing a children magazine into the market was that of my husband's who saw my passion of teaching, and who wanted other children to experience the art of easy-to-learn drawing through tales and funny methods.

This resulted in the launching of my children magazine in which I tell a story, I illustrate the events, I teach an easy drawing lesson and I include skill development tasks to ensure the best possible preparation for handwriting skills – of course and always in a playful way.

The magazine has been published in 7 European countries in 4 languages so far. And I have so many more ideas, so many more stories to tell and pictures to draw for the most important ones: for our children.

Drawing has become my profession and my story-telling reached its peak when we published my first fantasy novel: Reign of the black flame. So personal, so much beloved, this is a story of faith, never giving up, emotions and adventure.

The greatest gift for me as a passionate artist is the ability and possibility of giving my knowledge to the next generation. In London I started my art clubs for year 1 – year 6 students at Wimbledon Chase Primary School as teaching is the third pillar of my mission. I am opening my art studio in Sutton for all age groups, more news to come soon.


I am here to help you or your child to discover all the artistic skills inside and this way to help you to become a more satisfied, successful and happy person in our wonderful world.

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